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About Us



ECO FIRE is founded 15 years ago with the aim of fire free world by Mr. Pradeep Rawat. Fire is something that comes without an invitation and notice and when it comes it can be deadly. It takes no time for a small fire to become destructive. So fire should be extinguished as soon as it ignites. People must feel safe in their environment whether it’s their workplace, home, office, or even a car. With that point of view in a mind, Eco Fire Industries came into the fire safety sector to provide you high-quality products who have the capability to extinguish fire in couple of seconds before it turns into a disaster. Eco fire is a globally trusted and certified brand from CE, MSME, ISO, and ISI to ensure that your safety is in well-deserving hands. Eco Fire Industries is well aware of the importance of fire safety that’s why we provide maintenance and service all over India. Eco fire is trusted by many customers who know the worth of a high-end quality product and who are well aware of the fact that ‘’compromising in fire safety means an open invitation to a disaster’’. Our main motto behind the start-up of this company was to provide the best quality products with the latest technology at rock-bottom prices. ‘’To ensure people never compromise when it comes to their lives’’. Many customers have made Eco Fire their first priority because of its quality and unique shoot design which makes it easy to use even a beginner can use it. Just to make sure people don’t compromise on their safety we provide refilling services as well, with pick up and drop privilege. You are just one call away to get your desired safety services. We keep ourselves up to date with the technology to provide you with the exact product which you’ll ever need in your surroundings. The two-step activation method of a fireball makes it so easy to use that even a kid can extinguish a fire. All you have to do is simply throw it on fire and it activates within 2 minutes after getting in touch with the fire. We care about you and your family which makes us motivated to provide you latest technologies from time to time to match up with the level of ongoing change in the environment on a daily basis. Trust the most trusted brand ECO FIRE



                                                                      OUR VISION 



  • To provide the highest standard and best value service to the community.
  • To handle customers' queries on time by responding as soon as possible.
  • To give them favorable suggestions according to their needs exist in their environment.
  • To be a progressive organization and to grow rapidly with the time to meet every requirement with development.